Monday, July 13, 2009

Noah's Crows

Noah Counted on Crows

After the rains stopped, Noah sent crows (or ravens) to look for land. For days they returned and then one day they did not. Noah suspected they had remained on dry land and sent the dove for confirmation. The dove brought back the branch with leaves. My piece focuses on this part of the story --the pair of crows flying over the waves as the weather clears and the weary ark waits.

(From an exhibition at The Folk Tree Gallery titled: Noah's Ark: Two by Two)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crows at Bunny Gunner

Crazy Tea

Bunny Gunner is a great little gallery in the Art District in Pomona, California. Suzie and Juan are celebrating their second successful year with a summertime-themed show at Bunny Gunner. I was included. Summertime around my place, means very few flowers. It is just too darn hot. However, one persistent wildflower that grows all over the country bursts forth with new white blossoms every evening. Jimson weed. It took me a few years to get one of them started in my side garden. I never knew they bloomed in the evening until I experience it. Because they are a native plant, they come with native bugs which attract native birds. Bonus!

I collected and pressed a lot of the blossoms. In photographing them, I noticed the folded-over centers resembled the beak of a crow. Which led to the following paintings. Small, 8 by 10 inches. They are named after the plant.

Mad Hatter